To Our Customers,


In regards to the COVID-19 health crisis, we would like to inform you that we are currently continuing to process online orders during our normal business hours. We will keep you posted on if any changes are made to this decision in the future.


Through our shipping providers limitations, we will not be shipping to China or Hong Kong at this time. Any further restrictions on shipping locations will be noted.


We are prioritizing the safety of our employees and customers above all. To continue to be able to do this, we ask that you stay informed through reliable sources of information like the World Health Organization and the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Here at Kato Baking Supplies we will be following the recommended strategies and measures addressed by the CDC and our Public Health Departments to prevent the spread of this virus. 


In regards to the questions on whether transmission of the virus is possible through shipments, it has been addressed by both the Center of Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization that it is highly unlikely. Nonetheless, we recommend you do your own research on the subject. Below are some links we have found helpful:


We appreciate your time. Thank you.


Kato Baking Supplies